Hannes Guddat
proprietary owner, Dipl.-Ing.

energy consultant (TUD)
energy consultant Luxembourg
Expert Planner TUD for Passive-, Zero and Plus-Energy-buildings
Energy-Efficiency-Expert (dena) für KfW-Programs "Energieeffizient Bauen und Sanieren"
Energy Consultant (BAFA) "Vor-Ort-Berater", BAFA-consultant #207731

*1973 in Koblenz

1998 Dipl.-Ing. EE(Control / System Theory), TU Darmstadt
1999-2004 research, Fraunhofer IGD
2003 study of architecture, TUD
2005-2009 research asst., energy efficient building design group, TUD
2006-2007 member of team Deutschland Solar Decathlon 2007
2008-2009 member of planning staff
Plus-Energy-Home of BMVBS
2009 founded soap

Dragul of Darmstadt
low-energy-dog, overall comfort
demonstration expert

*2010 in Sibiu, Romania

2010-2012 apprenticeship as front
desk dog at the wagtail school of life

2010-2012 solar dog, Lichtwiese,

2012 friendly concierge at soap

Arfianda Bachtiar
Dipl.-Ing. Architekt
energy consultant (TUD)

*1976 in Indonesia

2002 graduation, bachelor of archi-
tecture, Universität Trisakti, Jakarta

2008 graduation Dipl.-Ing. archi-
tecture, TU Darmstadt

2008-2012 employee at Architektur- büro am Woog

2012 freelance staff at soap