As an office for integrated design,
architecture and engineering
since 2009 soap contributes by design,
consulting, concept and technical planning
to innovative and sustainable projects
and to the growth of affordable green building.

Through our holistic approach we create
minimalistic, sustainable solutions
at the intersection of passive building
and contemporary living,
between utilisation and investment,
and from ecology to technology.

sustainable building
is not an academic endeavour
it is lived conviction to solve things
as simple, as useful and as good as possible
Here's to the builders
The foresightful
The passionate
The ones who ask the important questions
Who want to build the right thing
And who want to build it right

Who don't settle for the cheapest
But want the best within their resources
And their children's resources
Because they know they deserve the best

Who take the big step towards that good life
And make a difference
And while others may see them as idealists
We see wisdom
And braveness

For those who believe to change the world for the better
Are the ones who do.
original poem: "think different" campaign, Apple Inc., 1997