Worthwhile architecture

Being a planning office for integrated design, architecture and engineering soap makes its continuing contri- butions for innovative, renewable, livable and enduring architecture through consulting, conceptualisation and planning since 2009.

Our holistiv approach creates mini- malistic sustainable solutions at the intersection of passive design and contemporary housing, between uti- lisation and investment, from eco- logy to technology.

Quality | economy

Quality and durability, usability and comfort of an object are values, which have to justify all decisions, costs and consequences in planning, building and during operation.

At any given moment we measure and optimise these short and long term costs of our projects.

Planning | Building

(planning phases 1-9 HOAI)
- fundamental analysis
- draft planning
- main design
- building application
- construction planning
- tender | placing | accounting
- site management

architectural consulting

- site consulting
- redevelopment and conversion
- ecology and healthy building design
- energy efficient design
- Passivhaus design
- integrated design
- engineering

- economic analysis

„sustainability is not an academic endeavour – it is lived conviction to solve things as simple, as useful and as good as possible”

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