"To build ecological is not to build" (Frei Otto)

Ecologic building means, to suc- cessfully and innovatively solve the questions of sustainable building regarding building materials, health, eco-balancing, utilisation or comfort in holistic concepts of living and working, spatial requirements, lifestyle and architectural design.

Our specific focus is on building materials, execution, utilisation and energy. For evalution we apply objective criteria between costs to primary energy demands.

Ecologic building pays off. We develop individual solutions for:
- rain and greywater equipment
- healthy building design
- renewable energies, storage
- natural wood heating
- high efficiency technologies
- decentralised generation of elec-
tricity and heat, chp

We solve the technical and design requirements and take care your individual ecologic concept pays off.

Life cycle costing and profitability analysis

Buildings are complex organisms. They irreversibly intervene on the context in which they are built. During their construction and all the more during their utilisation they create characteristic costs and consequences according to the specific decisions.

Within the scope of the life cycle analysis we evaluate the consecutive costs for building (DIN 276) and utilisation (DIN 18960) including savings and gains for energy, maintenance, upkeep or cleaning for every design variant. By comparison we identify the economical and profitable concepts.